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Limited-time Anniversary Celebration Online Study Offer

Limited-time Anniversary Celebration Discount
This offer is no longer available.
However, Aldiwan Center has other offers running, please check them here:


Arabic Online Study Offer FAQs
[The general online study detailed FAQs]:

  1. Who is Aldiwan Center, the provider?
    Aldiwan Center is a leading international institute based in Cairo, with branchs in other countries and a provider of virtual web-based Arabic courses.For more information on Aldiwan Center, you can read about it on Aldiwan Online website, Why Aldiwan Center, Publications, and the Wikipedia.
  2. What levels are available to complete using the system?
    Four levels, up to “Intermediate Low”
    according to the American ACTFL Standards, which is corresponding to “Level A” according to the European CEFR Standards.
    It equals studying 200 hours with our teachers in classroom.
  3. Are all the four levels open for the online student?
    Yes, all levels are open to you 24 hours a day, for 30 days, the period of the subscription.
  4. May I see a demo of how the system works?
    Please watch videos for a demo presentation of the First Level, and Fourth Level.
    Details about levels provided:
    Level1 [PDF], Level2 [PDF], Level3 [PDF], Level4 [PDF]
  5. I need help from a live instructor of Arabic, do you provide this service?
    In the Self-study-only system of this offer, you are provided access to all course interactive materials without need for a live teacher.
    But, yes, you can have an online teacher available for a different fee, and you can use this offer too.
  6. For how many months can I pay the offer fees of $10 ?
    Only two months
  7. What are the fees after the offer period?
    Regular fees for the Unlimited Access is $39 USD/ mo.
  8. What if I need your help using the system or have any question?
    We provide technical support for using the eLearning system by email 24 hrs a day, and you are more than welcome to contact us directly if you need any help any time throughout the period of the course. Just drop us an email at: info@aldiwancentre.com


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